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The Cultivate Quiet Z-Box introduces meditation and the 'quiet sit' as a daily ritual. Birch Boys Chaga Tea Wild harvested from the Adirondack Mountains, Chaga Tea is known for boosting immunity and energy. Even more inspiring is the story of Birch boys young Founder, Garrett Kopp. Learn more at Brew a cup of your Chaga Tea, sit and explore the rest of your Z-Box. Included are two more bags to enjoy later. The Mini Buddha Board Truly the Art of letting go, use water to paint inspiration onto your Buddha Board. As the water evaporates, so goes your creativity back into the universe, leaving a clean slate. I love this for my desk, when I need a moment to clear my mind I focus on the brush strokes and allow myself the space to create. ESS Aromatherapy Inhaler Energize! This little gem fits in your pocket or purse and is there when you need a little burst of sunshine. Key Ingredients: Bergamot, frankincense, grapefruit, lime, sweet orange, elemi, peppermint, cardamom, spearmint, and cedarwood. Meditating Mini Monk This sweet, little monk will grace your sacred space, reminding you to seek the answers within. Aromatherapy Locket A lovely brass medallion on a long chain doubles as your personal diffuser. Included is a vial of essential oil from Doterra. Meet Clary Sage-The Oil of clarity and Vision. Clary Sage helps you to see your limiting beliefs, opens your soul to new possibilities and assists in clearing creative blocks. Slide the locket off the chain to open, placing a drop or two of the essential oil onto the felt pad. Replace chain and wear! Cultivate Quiet The CQ card gives the exact steps needed to begin practicing meditation, aka the inner work, introspection, contemplation… I resisted for years, who has time for sitting around purposely trying to think of nothing. The truth is when you get quiet, really quiet, continously, you find all that you need is right there. No one believes until they do. Looking for more time in your life? Cultivate Quiet and time is yours. I would to love hear more about this part of your journey, sharing your questions and insights via our private group, Zenspiration Nation. Slimnote Journal Perfect for pocket or purse, take the slimnote along for moments of inspiration that you simply must record!

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