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A little about the Zenspiration mission...

My company believes in community, kindness and empowerment of others through self awareness.

Body-Mind Coach, Massage Therapist, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Wife, Mom, Traveler, Artist, Avid Reader, Photographer, Nature Lover, Music Fan. 

And we are so much more than the titles we use.

I was addicted to my own busy-ness. The more I accomplished the more I added to my 'To Do List.'  I would prove my worthiness in every step I took, every task I  crossed off my list within 6 hours or less. You would not, nor could not  out work me and my efficiency.

I avoided the inward journey, terrified of discovering the truth. The truth that wasn't real, made up by FEAR. 

I believe we all need a support system. A hand to hold, a shoulder to lean on. A guide, teacher, mentor or coach that inspires, challenges and kicks us in the ass when we need it. 

I became that teacher. I am that guide. I took the journey into the deep down and discovered the beauty of me, my gifts and my purpose. I'm here for you!

Each Zenspiration Box is a piece of my heart, that is meant to fill your heart with what you need to awaken, evolve and align with your soul's purpose. 

Love, April

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 April Cacciatori, LMT, BMC

Zenspiration Innovation Mastercoaches

April, Erica, Laura, Emily, Carolyn & *Melissa


 We celebrate what it means to be YOU!

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